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  Yoshi's Island is the prequel to Yoshi's Story.  It came out in 1995 and was one of the best games for the SNES.  You played Yoshi, who had to haul baby Mario across Yoshi's Island in order to find his twin Luigi and the stork taking them to their parents.  This gave rise to one of the most annoying noises in video game history: baby Mario crying as Yoshi scrambles to pick him up before Kamek's cronies get him!  Eventually they meet up with Baby Bowser, who thinks Yoshi is his new toy and tries to ride him!  The Yoshis manage to send Baby Bowser to his room for a time-out (at least until Yoshi's Story).  Mario and Luigi are safely delivered to their parents and everybody lives Super Happily ever after (until the Super Happy Tree is stolen, but that's another story--Yoshi's Story, to be exact).  Anyway, this game is great!  If you loved YS, you should really like YI.

         Poochy changes a bit between the two games. 
    The gang's all here!  Now where's that Baby Bowser? 

     A couple of Yoshi's Island screenshots. 

         Awk!  Mario badly needs rescuing--if only to save your eardrums!!! 

                                Yoshi and baby Mario in action.

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