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Nintendo Power 


Nintendo / 128 Megabits
1 player
Rumble Pak compatible
Game Pak save feature
24 courses

This N64 page-turner is destined to be a bestseller.

Graphics:  Instead of pushing for realism, like most N64 games, Yoshi’s Story creates a richly textured, prerendered storybook world like none that have come before.  The graphics are simply irresistible.

Play Control: You have multi-directional tongue control for slurping up fruit, 360 degree aiming control for chucking eggs, and jumping that even allows you to run in the air.  It’s everything a dinosaur could ask for.

Game Design:  Exploration is the key to this game.  Players collect a full border of 30 pieces of fruit.  To do so requires battling baddies like Baby Bowser, discovering secret areas, and solving obstacle puzzles in order to proceed.

Satisfaction:  Anyone who loves action platform games will eat this one up.  With 24 courses, plus hidden areas, Yoshi’s Story should keep players gulping and hopping merrily along for quite a spell.  One Save slot isn’t enough.

Sound:  Some of the music is fetching, but the munchkin-voiced Yoshis may make you wonder if you’ve landed in Oz.

Comments:  Jason: Plenty of variety and natural play control.
Terry:  The game is so cute that I have to take Duke Nukem breaks.

Graphics:          8.8
Play Control:     8.3
Game Design:    8.2
Satisfaction:       8.0
Sound:               7.5

Overall Rating:   8.2

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